WP2 Establishment of bio-banks and Methodologies for Preservation of Microbiological Cultures

The West African microbial heritage has recently resulted in the discovery of unique traits relevant for the food and biotechnological sectors. Unfortunately, no facilities currently exist in West Africa to preserve and utilize these hitherto untouched but economically valuable natural biological resources. The project will enable the West African countries to fully utilize and preserve their own microbiological heritage and ensure the sustainable use of this biological diversity for commercialization within the food and biotechnological sectors by establishment of local biobanks based on storage of microbial cultures in -80°C freezers. As part of the biobanks procedures for maintenance and effective reviving of isolates after storage will be developed to ensure a stable viability and preservation of technological properties. A generic system meeting the requirements by The World Federation for Culture Collection will be produced. Procedures for sampling and isolation will be according to ISO standards and records on the exact origin of each isolate will be kept. Procedures for documentation will be developed to fulfill the requirements stated in the Rio Convention, Convention on Biological Diversity.

Tasks in this work package are:

  • Task 2.1 Bio-banks for storage of microbial cultures
  • Task 2.2 Management of culture collections
  • Task 2.3 Identification and documentation of microbial cultures