WP3 Optimization of Microbial Cultures, Fermentations and Processing Parameters

Cultures deposited in the established Bio-banks will be screened for functional properties relevant for converting raw materials (milk, cereals, seeds) into food products in sustainable and environmentally friendly ways and according to consumer preferences. Relevant technological properties such as enzymatic activities, flavor formation, antimicrobial activities against spoilage microorganisms and improvement of nutritional value (e.g. folic acid production, increase levels of essential amino acids, phytase activity, probiotic activity etc.) will be investigated. Promising cultures with potential for the food value chains will be further tested and optimized. Especially selected strains of lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and Bacillus spp. will be screened for their ability to enhance the properties of the selected fermented foods according to consumer preferences. Antagonistic and synergistic effects within microbial corsortia will be investigated, especially the synergistic effects and their importance for optimization of technological and nutritional properties. Before used in the food chain the QPS (Qualified Presumption of Safety) status of the microorganisms will be determined to ensure their safe use.

Tasks in this work package are:

  • Task 3.1 Identification of relevant microbiological properties for production of fermented food
  • Task 3.2 Evaluation of consortia structure and multifunctional properties
  • Task 3.3 QPS evaluation and optimization of fermentation conditions in pilot plants