WP5 New Business Opportunities For Production and Commercialization of fermented food

Green growth technologies will be introduced at the SME level considering reducing of cooking time and water consumption, prevention of spoilage and loss of raw materials, and sustainable packaging. Simple packaging methods reducing material losses and prolonging shelf life will be tested at the SME level. By using inclusive idea generation workshops, creating and testing mock ups the technological improvements will be considered with SMEs and consumers to ensure a more successful market entry. Other forms of production, distributions and logistics will be explored to cover several ways of commercialisation. Through inclusive idea generation workshops SMEs will be assisted in creating their own specific sustainable business model using the Business Model Canvas Method. Measures necessary to maximize profits through product labelling and marketing techniques including the use of mobile phones and social media will be identified. The SMEs will be given guidelines as to how they can work with new product development and business model generation in the future.


Tasks in this work package are:

  • Task 5.1 Concept development for improving green growth at the SME level
  • Task 5.2 Business model for income generation